FAQs about HypnoFertility

Each year millions are spent to overcome infertility. While modern medicine has improved, vast amounts of money and emotion are spent in pursuit of pregnancies that never happen. HypnoFertility represents a safe and powerful way of increasing fertility. We have answered some of the common questions patients might have when considering HypnoFertility treatment.

HypnoFertility is a powerful and effective mind/body program that enhances natural fertility through hypnosis. HypnoFertility treats holistically, eliminating gently, possible blocks to fertility and teaches you to use the power of your own mind.

This is done through deep relaxation. When we are in this deep state, our subconscious comes to the fore and we can access it and make the necessary change. You will learn to use the power of your own mind and by focusing on what you do want, this programme will empower you to help make your dreams come true. HypnoFertility helps couples to fulfil their dream of becoming a parent and has been shown to double the effectiveness of I.V.F.

HypnoFertility is appealing to many people because it is natural and safe, has no harsh side effects, and is administered in a positive, happy atmosphere by a caring practitioner who is trained to take the time to listen to you and discuss your health issues.

Just a few of the many benefits of HypnoFertility are:

  • Feeling more in control of your life
  • Reducing physical stress related symptoms such as insomnia, fatigue and headaches.
  • Help you stop obsessing about having a baby and lead a more balanced life.
  • Learn techniques to help you manage feelings of anger (especially if you have those friends who get pregnant by just thinking about it)
  • Reduce discomfort during fertility treatments by using effective relaxation techniques.

The HypnoFertility Course is available in the Maidenhead Clinic. This is an individually tailored programme addressing your own particular needs. We are all unique, with our own set of memories and experiences and these shape who it is we are today and what we are able, or not able to achieve.

We recommend 5 sessions to start with. The sessions may follow a pattern similar to this:

  1. The initial session requires taking detailed information in order to gain a full understanding of you as a person and to suggest the best way forward on the road to conception. Additionally, Reiki healing may also be used. Each session thereby, is addressing the key elements of the mind, the body and the spirit.
  2. Teaching you the art of self-hypnosis and relaxation. Reflexology therapy and Reiki healing may also be used.
  3. Addressing any past or present negativity that could be standing in the way of conception. Reflexology therapy and Reiki healing may also be used.
  4. Learning techniques to keep negativity at bay and using special visualisations to prepare you for having a baby. Reflexology therapy and Reiki healing may also be used.
  5. More deepening techniques and positive visualisations. Reflexology therapy and Reiki healing may also be used.

I look forward to meeting you soon and putting together a personally tailored programme so you can achieve your goal of having a baby. – Alison McMahon

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