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Occupational Health & Wellbeing

Keeping your employees pain free & working at their best

We’re helping companies keep their teams happier, more productive & pain free. Even during this new age of remote & office working.

This is being achieved through companies taking the full advantage of our engaging & educational workplace wellbeing seminars.

These seminars give your employees simple & actionable advice which they can easily implement into their day to day routine. Each seminar goes into a wide range of topics from posture & workstation set up to nutritional advice and general health aspects.

Best of all, we’ve found that the teams who have experienced our courses go on to keep each other in a “posture perfect state” by encouraging each other to practice what they learnt. They’re even passing on these powerful tips to new colleges who join the team.

  • Studies show that with chiropractic introduced into the corporate working lifestyle there is a significant reduction in time taken off work and a more productive workforce.

  • 40 million work days are lost per year, 75% of which are musculoskeletal conditions.

  • Back pain costs £5 billion in business and industry per year.

How we can help your company

Educating your team can drastically improve your employees wellbeing & performance

With an increasing number of people working from home we’re noticing a surge of people coming to us with neck pain, back pain, headaches and sciatica. Improvised work station set ups are causing more employees across the country experience problems which can be prevented or even completely avoided with our guidance.

What we offer companies like yours

  • Educational in house health workshops

  • Virtual workshops for setting up home workstations and keeping mobile

  • Corporate treatment packages & offers

How your company & team will benefit

Small changes, huge payout

Increase employee health & wellbeing