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Functional Assessments

About the shed

A private gym where you’ll learn how to train and move in a way best for you.

The Shed is a private gym that’s part of Active Health Clinics in Maidenhead. This dynamic and functional gym space will allow you to get the most out of your treatments, recovery, and personal fitness goals.

One to one personal training in Maidenhead
Personal trainer working with client in Maidenhead

Services Available at The Shed

Everything required to get you working up a sweat.

From 1 to 1 personal training, small group classes, rehabilitation, and physical assessments, The Shed is equipped to train to your optimal potential.

  • 1 to 1 Personal Training

  • Small Group PT Sessions

  • Rehabilitation Work

  • Functional Assessments (Coming Soon)

Training Solo

1 to 1 personal training

Work with our personal trainers to develop an exercise programme completely tailored to your current fitness level, mobility levels, and any medical conditions.

Whether you want to work on your weight management, or get fitter, stronger, or more mobile, our personal training team will provide you with the guidance and support to get you to where you want to be.

Training Together

Small Group PT Sessions

Our small group PT sessions are ideal for developing connections with likeminded individuals in your community while working out together.

Every session is limited to 4 people per session. This ensures that your trainer can give you the individual attention needed to help you achieve the best results while personalising your exercises to your current fitness level, mobility level, and range of motion.

Our group PT sessions run at your pace. Not the other way around!


Rehabilitation PT

Working closely with our chiropractic and physiotherapy team our personal training team can offer rehabilitative training programmes in house or for home based care to help with the rehabilitation of injuries or any issues you are experiencing.


Functional Assessments

Coming soon – we have lots planned for the future of The Shed. This includes introducing functional assessments such as Gait Analysis, V02 Max testing and more.

Group Classes

Small Group Personal Training Classes In Maidenhead

All of our group training classes are limited to just 4 people per class. Ensuring you receive an individualised approach from your trainer even when training together.

Group Class: Core and legs

Build Strength, Mobility, and Stability.

  • Limited to 4 people per session
  • Strength Building
  • 45 Minute Class

This class hits 3 key muscle groups in one session: abdominals, lower back, and legs. These muscle groups are directly responsible for the quality of your balance, stability, and fundamental for your posture while sitting, standing, walking, running, and for performing exercises and sports.

5 Sessions for £125

10 Sessions for £210

Group personal training class in maidenhead

Group Class: HIIT Calorie Burning Programme

Get Ready For High Intensity Calorie Burning.

  • Limited to 4 people per session
  • Calorie Burning
  • 45 Minute Class

Work up a sweat with our 45 minute high intensity interval training group sessions. In these sessions you’ll learn how to metabolise fat while building muscle at the same time.

Limited to just 4 people per session, you will receive an individualised approach to your training, ensuring the session is catered to your current fitness level, mobility level, and range of motion.

With these group sessions, we want to ensure you achieve long lasting results. Which is why during the classes you’ll also learn take home tips on how to create your own ongoing training and nutrition regimes.

5 Sessions for £125

10 Sessions for £210

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