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There are a variety of home remedies for getting pregnant: cutting out alcohol; having men switch from briefs to boxers; losing weight; reducing stress; and loading up on the right kinds of vitamins. But one natural boost to fertility often overlooked is a visit to your chiropractor.

For obvious reasons chiropractors are normally associated with treating musculoskeletal issues such as whiplash, lower back pain, and muscle spasms. But chiropractic treatments have a range of health benefits. According to the, chiropractic care is a safe and natural method to improve body function, especially the nervous system.

In some cases, the crux of a woman’s fertility issues may be their body not running at a 100 percent. Stress, a poor diet, lack of exercise, excess weight, and other lifestyle choices can undermine attempts to conceive. Even fatigue can be a factor. Getting regular treatments from a chiropractor can not only realign your body, it can help improve circulation, having a calming effect, boost your nervous system, and provide increased overall wellness, which in turn can facilitate getting pregnant.

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    The Benefits Of Chiropractic Care During pregnancy

    It may be a beautiful and wondrous thing, but pregnancy really does a number on the mother’s body

    That should come as no surprise. After all, she’s building and housing another human being for 40 weeks; that’s bound to take a toll. What’s more, the extra weight she carries – both the size of the fetus and the weight of the placenta and amniotic fluid – often causes a substantial amount of pain and discomfort.

    Dealing with this discomfort can be especially difficult during pregnancy, as the mother is limited in ways she can manage pain without damaging the fetus. Chiropractic care offers a safe alternative to treat pain and discomfort before, during, and after pregnancy.

    The various changes that occur in a pregnant woman’s body, such as to the pelvis, abdomen, and back, commonly cause a misaligned spine and joint problems. Chiropractic care helps balance the pelvis and align the spine, helping both mother and baby.

    Yes, the baby as well. This is because a misaligned pelvis negatively affects room for the developing fetus, a condition referred to as intrauterine constraint. This may also affect optimum positioning when it comes time to deliver the baby and can even cause breech placement.

    Proper spinal alignment also ensures a healthy nervous system and correct communication along the neural pathways. Chiropractic care specifically addresses spinal misalignment and the patient’s nervous system. Reducing stress to these functions relieves pain and discomfort, benefitting the mother’s health and the baby’s wellbeing.

    These treatments are natural and drug-free, making them safe as well as effective. And, after the baby is born, chiropractic care helps return the mother’s body to its pre-pregnancy state.

    Hypnosis for Fertility

    Hypnosis for fertility is a unique programme for promoting natural fertility

    Hypnosis for fertility treats holistically, eliminating gently, all possible blocks to conception such as stress, past issues, or negative talk surrounding you and your fertility. It eliminates these blocks by teaching you to use the power of your own mind.

    What we tell ourselves repeatedly becomes our reality.

    Unfortunately, prospective parents are often told their chances of conceiving are unlikely, often fed by media coverage where age and pregnancy are portrayed in a negative way and this can trigger more negativity that feeds on itself.

    Far too many women are being diagnosed with “unexplained infertility”; this catch-all diagnosis may do more harm than good, by actually increasing the person’s stress levels.

    We often hear of “unexplained fertility”, especially amongst career women, successful in their chosen field yet unable to understand why having a baby is not going to their plan. This is often a case of their left brain (the logical side) dominating the right brain (creative side), thereby inhibiting conception.

    All hypnosis is self hypnosis and by using relaxing techniques, we are able to access the creative subconscious part of the mind. Thereby, putting forward positive suggestions or healing concerns from the past, that may be preventing the goal of having a baby.

    A study in Israel has shown that clients using IVF doubled their success rate by using these methods of hypnosis.
    Our practitioner, Alison McMahon, uses Hypnosis for fertility with Advanced Reflexology to clear energy channels on a physical level and Reiki to heal and aid deep relaxation.

    Hypnosis for fertility therapy represents a safe and powerful way of increasing fertility. Your new baby is waiting!

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    Beautiful Pregnant Woman


    A celebration of life

    HypnoBirthing® –The Mongan Method is the original and best way to enable couples to have the most safe, comfortable and joyous birth possible.

    When a mother is properly prepared for birthing, physically, mentally and spiritually, she can experience the joy of birthing her baby in an easier, more comfortable manner.

    The HypnoBirthing Advantages

    • Eliminates the Fear-Tension-Pain Syndrome before, during and after birthing

    • Eliminates or greatly reduces the need for chemical painkillers and intervention

    • Eliminates fatigue during labour, leaving the mother fresh, with energy for actual birthing

    • Substantially shortens the first phase of labour

    • Babies are alert and calm, bonding and feeding more readily

    • Creates an important role for the birthing companion who becomes more than just an onlooker

    Our HypnoBirthing® practitioner, Alison McMahon, offers a complete birth education programme that teaches simple, but effective self- hypnosis, relaxation and breathing techniques for a better birth, incorporating massage and reflexology techniques to enhance the calm relaxing sessions.

    HypnoBirthing® allows you to experience birth in an atmosphere free of fear and tension that can prevent the birthing muscles from functioning as nature intended. It returns birthing to the beautiful, peaceful experience nature intended.

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