Woman suffering with neck pain from working at a laptop

Neck Pain

Most of us have suffered with back pain at some point in our lives

A very common complaint is neck pain which is often a result of strained muscles caused by poor posture over long periods of time or an accident resulting in whiplash. Common features include reduced range of motion in the neck, tightness or spasms, headaches and holding your head in a fixed position for long periods of time such as working at a desk or driving.

This can often be debilitating as the pain increases causing a reduction in productivity at work, sport or home. Neck pain can be prevented with stretches, improving posture, taking breaks whilst working at a desk, regular exercise and maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle.

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    Treatments that can assist with neck pain

    With the right plan and routine neck pain can be reduced and even completely eradicated

    The most popular treatments that can be used to fight your neck pain are:

    • Chiropractic

    • Physiotherapy

    • Acupuncture

    • Sports massage