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Back Pain

Most of us have suffered with back pain at some point in our lives

This common problem may be due to several triggers including poor posture whilst sitting or standing, lifting badly, a sedentary lifestyle or moving incorrectly. It is generally not caused by anything serious but can often be quite debilitating. The sooner the condition is treated the better, as this reduces the chances of the body compensating for the symptoms elsewhere and aides the reduction in inflammation, which if left for too long can damage surrounding structures. Prevent back pain by keeping mobile, sitting/standing/lifting correctly, exercising regularly and maintaining a good healthy diet/lifestyle. Treatments that can help with back pain include Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Massage and Personal Training.

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    Symptoms of Back Pain

    Massage is highly effective at treating the complete elimination of pain

    Back pain is most commonly felt in the lower back. However, back pain isn’t just limited to the lower back. Back pain can be felt anywhere along the spine, from the top of your neck to the coccyx (tail bone) and pelvis. Symptoms vary depending on the extent of the injury. The type of pain can often be described as constant or ‘comes and goes’; sharp, achy or stiff; dull or deep and this can help the practitioner to distinguish between conditions. There may also be referred symptoms elsewhere and this is often described as an extension of the pain down a limb or limbs, pins and needles and/or numbness. This can be due to the nerve exiting the spine being compressed by surrounding structures such as a disc or muscles. Visceral structures (such as the gall bladder and liver) can also refer pain to the back or elsewhere.

    Back pain symptoms are classified by their duration. ‘Acute’ means it started within the past 3 months, ‘sub-a