Wild Nutrition Supplements

Wild Nutrition Supplements

Wild Nutrition Supplements Ethos

The Ethos

Wild Nutrition supplements are changing the face of vitamins. Combining pioneering Food-Grown® and whole food ingredients, Wild Nutrition creates highly bio-available, bespoke food supplements that are both gender and life stage specific. To put it simply, these are one of the highest quality supplements available today. Wild Nutrition are not only wild about health, they also feel strongly about nurturing the world we live in. Health starts from the root up after all, so the way we treat our planet is vital. This is why you won’t find them using plastics in the packaging or artificial colours or flavourings in the products. The packaging is minimal, recyclable where possible and refillable where not. All products are carefully manufactured in the UK. To Wild Nutrition, their philosophy & ethics aren’t wild at all, just good common sense.

The Story Behind Wild Nutrition Supplements

The Story

Wild Nutrition is a UK-based family business founded by husband and wife team, Charlie and Henrietta Norton, who wanted the best for their family’s health, couldn’t find it and so created it themselves. In addition to her clinic work as an experienced Nutritional Therapist, health writer and published author, Henrietta spent 7 years gaining extensive experience in the food supplements industry, formulating and researching supplements for leading European health providers. This experience, of an industry largely dominated by synthetically derived isolated nutrients, further fuelled Henrietta’s vision for a different future for food supplements. Wild Nutrition’s motto is: ‘Our quest for excellence in our products is paramount in all we do, but as importantly, is a passionate belief in the power of nutrition to promote the body’s own healing capabilities’

Wild Nutrition Supplements Ingredients

The Ingredients

Wild Nutrition combines pioneering Food-Grown® and whole food ingredients to create the highest quality supplements possible. Many food supplement companies use synthetic, isolated forms of nutrients. Nature is clever and the health benefit of a nutrient is not the nutrient alone but other co-factors found in its natural source. Without these co-factors (also known as co-enzymes) the nutrient can hardly be absorbed. In Wild Nutrition, Food-Grown® nutrients are bonded in a genuine food complex for optimum nutritional quality. More than 50 studies have shown that the Food-Grown® process provides greater bioavailability, nutrient delivery, lasting action and optimum quantity. All Wild Nutrition products are manufactured under low heat conditions, retaining essential enzymes needed for optimum utilisation by the body.

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