Update for Chiropractic Patients

After keeping our Chiropractic treatment fees at the same level for the past six years, we are implementing a slight increase as a result of our costs increasing during this time.

From the 1st April  2015, the new pricing for initial consultations will be £60 and follow-up treatments £38. These new prices will ensure you continue to receive the highest level of care from our experienced team.

In the meantime, we’d like to offer you the opportunity to take advantage of our Chiropractic packages at the current prices before they increase:

Package Prices (Available to buy until Tue 31st March):

  • 6 Treatments:  £195  (£32.50 per session)
  • 12 Treatments:  £360  (£30 per session)
  • 24 Treatments:  £672  (£28 per session)

We look forward to seeing you soon and please contact our reception team to schedule your next appointment or purchase one of the above packages.