Fascial Manipulation

Fascial Manipulation

What is Fascial Manipulation®?

Fascial Manipulation® is a manual therapy focusing on fascia, in particular the deep muscular fascia: it considers the myofascial system as a three-dimensional continuum. This method presents a complete biomechanical model that assists in understanding the role of fascia in musculoskeletal disorders. In limited or painful movements, specific points of the fascia are involved. Once they have been identified, movement can be restored through the appropriate manipulation of those precise parts of the fascia.

Interesting Facts:

  • Rich in nerve endings and multi-layered, the deep fascia is effectively an ideal structure for perceiving movement and tension and, therefore, assisting in movement coordination.
  • Whenever a body part moves in any given direction in space there is a tensional rearrangement within the corresponding fascia. The nerve endings embedded within the fascia are stimulated, producing accurate directional or spatial information.
  • Any restriction in the gliding of the fascia, and thus its rearrangement, could alter the nature of the information, resulting in uncoordinated movement and even pain.
  • Restoring the gliding system of the fascia will return the movement to its normal state and remove the pain.

Appointments: what to expect
The first consultation lasts 60 minutes and includes an accurate medical history, an initial assessment and the first treatment. Following consultations will last 30 minutes, 40 minutes if a more complex treatment is necessary.

Can Fascial Manipulation® help me?
Any painful condition can potentially benefit from Fascial Manipulation®. Painful conditions that can be treated range from sciatica to frozen shoulder, from tennis elbow to a simple ankle sprain, neck and arm pain, aching old injuries, low back pain, and many others.

Why Fascial Manipulation® instead of other methods?
Fascial Manipulation® allows the practitioner to identify the cause of the complaint even when it is very far from the painful region or apparently unrelated to the problem. A frequent reassessment during the same treatment session will demonstrate the efficacy of the treatment and the identity of the cause of the complaint in real time.

FREE – 15-minute Fascial Assessment
If you feel you would like to know more about Fascial Manipulation® and whether it is the treatment best suited to your needs, take advantage of our free, no obligation, 15-minute consultation with the fascia therapist.

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