Texting – the hunching of man

Busy ladWith all the advances of mobile phones out there, texting has become second nature to many. Unfortunately, it also has caused those of us who text to look like we are digressing in the evolution of man. A recent study published in the PLOS ONE journal found that texters not only hunch over while texting but are less able to walk in a straight line and more likely to topple off balance making us look more like cave men.

Why is this happening? When a person reads or types a message while walking, they adopt a forward-and-down head position which adds up to 30 pounds of extra weight to your vertebrae. This then pulls your spine out of alignment and puts strain on the muscles in your neck and shoulders. The misalignment also makes it more difficult to keep your balance.

What can you do to avoid this? Think before you use your phone. If you are walking, you are more likely to take on this hunched ‘text neck’ posture. It is best to stop walking and take the proper posture for standing with your feet shoulder width apart and you back in a natural but straight position. Hold your phone at a height so you don’t have to angle your neck down.

Not only will this keep you from having the hunched caveman man look, it will also keep you from possibly tripping or causing pedestrian traffic congestion with your slow, unbalanced walking.

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