Take Control Of Your Back Pain

woman with back pain

Back pain is truly horrible, making you apprehensive about moving whether that be going from sitting to standing, laying to sitting, turning or walking, due to the fear of pain.

So what can we safely do in these situations?

Obviously, the origin of an individual’s pain is indeed that – “individual”. Which makes prescribing something “safe” for everyone almost impossible.

Pain management though is slightly more achievable.


Breathing is cited and recognised for the miracle that is child birth, but why? Because of the pain management wonders it can perform. The same breathing techniques work equally well for back pain (in fact any pain).

How to Breathe For Pain Management

  • Get into a comfortable position.
  • Breathe slowly and without effort.
  • Breathe in through the nose, relax, try not to think about breathing in, think more around allowing air into the body.
  • Try to let that air go deep, past the lungs and down into the belly. You should notice your belly expanding with air before your ribcage moves.
  • Exhale slowly and under control, don’t just let it escape, control it and count how slow you can go. Try breathing out through an imaginary straw.
  • The breath should be quiet, you will not hear it.


Some positions put more stress on the body than others.  This simple chart is quite interesting to consider and looks at the pressure exerted through one of the lower lumbar discs.

posture chart

Now you can see why you’ll be told to lay flat if you have back pain.  Interestingly kneeling (although not shown) is also pretty low and can be comforting for back pain.

Obviously consulting a professional as soon as possible is always recommended be it massage, chiropractic, osteopathy, physiotherapist etc but these 2 simple ideas might just help get you through the day.

Stuart Peach,
Personal trainer and masseuse