Retul 3D Bike Fitting System


What is Retül?

Retül is a 3D bike fitting system for road, time trial, triathlon and mountain bikes.

How does it work?

16 infrared markers are placed on anatomical landmarks on the body, 8 on each side. The rider is either placed onto their own bike or onto the Retül bike. While pedaling a camera system constantly monitors these markers to calculate lengths, rotation, angles and means. This data is used to change the riding position to achieve the optimum, along with data collected during off bike tests and rider feedback.

Why should I get a bike fit?

Cycling is a low impact sport; however, risk of injury can still be very high. A bike fit is important to make sure the body is in the best anatomical position while out on a ride. This helps to increase efficiency, improve handling and greatly reduce the risk of injury.

Why should I get a Retül fit?

Retül were the first for many reasons in terms of bike fitting. They were the first to develop a 3D bike fitting system. The reason why 3D bike fitting is so important is because we can monitor, understand and adjust for what the body is doing during the pedalling motion. For both sides of the body, as humans tend to be slightly different left and right. They were the first system to be developed with professional cyclists. Dave Zabriskie was one of the initial cyclists, a professional for 14 years. Retül is currently used by more professional cyclists and cycling teams than any other system.

How often should I get a bike fit?

It is suggested that you get a bike fit every year, as even in adulthood the body still grows and changes.

How long does a bike fit take?

2.5 to 3 hours

What do I need to bring with me?

Your cycling shoes (clipless), pedals, cycling shorts or bibs, a sleeveless or compression top, cycling socks, your current bike (if you have one)

Is there a follow up?

Yes, the time frame of this is dependent of many things and the fitter will advise you on when to come back before you leave.

Retul Bike Fitting System
Retul Bike Fitting System
Retul Bike Fitting System