Occupational Health

Active Health Clinics offers a corporate service to businesses. The practitioners will come to the work place and give various presentations including posture and gait analysis, nutrition advice and health aspects. The chiropractor is covered by all private medical insurances including Bupa and AXA PPP.

  • Recent studies have shown that with chiropractic introduced into the corporate working lifestyle there is a significant reduction in time taken off work and a more productive workforce.
  • 40 million work days are lost per year, 75% of which are musculoskeletal conditions.
  • Back pain costs £5 billion in business and industry per year.
    It is a common occurrence in the work place that employees have to take sick leave, usually only for a few days but sometimes absence can be long term, significantly effecting business and finances.

It is also common for sick leave to be taken due to a musculoskeletal disorder after poor lifting technique, poor posture, poor ergonomics or repetitive movements. All these conditions are avoidable.

“In terms of back pain, studies have show that the longer people are off work the likelihood of them returning to work decreases. Another aspect to consider is that when employees are in pain, concentration decreases and therefore the effectiveness of the work they produce also decreases.”

Waddell G, Burton A K. Occupational Health Guidelines for the Management of Low Back Pain at Work. 2nd Edition (2004) ISBN 0-443-07227-2

If you feel this service may benefit your business please contact us tel: 01628 626 565.

delivering presentation on back care
presentation on back care
presentation on back care

Steve and his team came to J&J last year to run a session on back health and posture for us. It was a very informative session and sparked many a discussion in the office in the days afterwards, especially when we spotted each other slouching at our desks!

Thanks Steve you certainly gave us food for thought and I know those that took advantage of your quick assessments were appreciative of the time you and Flavio gave them.

Hopefully we will be able to have Steve back again as it was definitely very worthwhile.

Thanks again Steve, Flavio & Reka.

Gayna, Johnson & Johnson, October 2016