Fundraiser Day For Reuben (Saturday 17th June)

Smiling Reuben

By Steve Mullan

Any of my patients who ask me how Freddy (my 3 year old) is doing will have realized they often get the same or similar answers……..”he’s great thanks but he’s ill, again”. It feels like in the last 8 months we have a maximum of two weeks grace between illnesses. I’ve been puked on, pooed on, sneezed on, coughed on and every now and again I’m lucky enough to get a rogue bogey, freshly picked, placed in my mouth whilst not paying attention, with a resonating “picked a winner Daddy”.

As parents – and in our case first time parents – when they’re ill of course we worry. When the thermometer shows red our heart sinks and we want to do whatever we can to get them out of pain or discomfort. No matter what we’re doing that day we’ll be thinking of how he’s doing and hoping that when we get home we’re met with a fully recovered, jovial boy. For our friends Jess and Kully Virdee, these feelings are sadly on an entirely different scale. They don’t have the luxury of a two-week gap.

In December 2016, Reuben Virdee (also 3 years old) was diagnosed with a Neuroblastoma, a rare childhood cancer of the nervous system. Since diagnosis, this fantastically brave boy has undergone several operations (one of which was a major operation to remove the primary tumor) and many rounds of aggressive chemotherapy to stop the development of the cancer. Once Reuben is in remission, the chances of the cancer returning are 50-60%. However, there is a treatment in the USA that can significantly reduce the chances of it returning. The starting figure for this treatment is £250,000. This is where we come in.

Smiling Reuben


Every year, to celebrate the Active Health Clinics anniversary, we have a fundraiser for a nominated charity. This year (Saturday 17th June 8am-2pm) we’re looking to raise money for Reuben’s Fight. Most years we offer short tasters for a nominal donation. This year we’d like to raise more than past years: so, we’re offering our full service as normal but all the money will be going to Reubens Fight. For anyone who has been contemplating getting a treatment and would like to do their bit for an amazing cause, this is a great opportunity to do so.

Here’s what we’re offering:

Posture Assessments
Chiropractic Treatments (Initial Consultation & Follow-Ups for existing patients)
Fascial Manipulation
Sports Massage
Homeopathy Consultation
Allergy Testing
Beauty Therapy
Retül 3D Bike Fit (showcase)

If you are interested, please call the clinic and make a booking on 01628 626 565. We’ll have cake!

Of course, the main aim of all this is to get as much as we can for Reubs so even if you can’t make the day please dig deep and donate on Reuben’s Fight page:

You can also follow his progress and find lots of other events on his Facebook Page: