Don’t forget about your back as you head out to camp

camping 350With the weather heating up and those long summer nights kicking in, now is the ideal team to get away on a camping trip and soak up the great outdoors. Many of us look forward to the return to nature but forget that sleeping away from your normal mattress and on harder surfaces can cause potential back problems.

Here are some great tips from we’ve found to help ensure that you have the most comfortable and enjoyable camping experience as possible.

  • Protect your back – ensure your back is protected against a hard and potentially damp surface by sleeping on a quality approved camping mat or air mattress. Try these out in the outdoor shop before buying – most good stores will have samples available. Try to also take a pillow, if you are used to having one. A blow-up pillow is the most portable, but it is better if you can take your usual pillow from home.
  • Prep your sleeping area first – make sure to remove large stones or sticks that could dig into your spine.
  • Sleep sensibly – you should endeavour to sleep in a position where your spine is in a straight line as this helps to avoid neck and back pain.
  • Lift and carry with care – take care when loading and unloading your camping gear. Two bags are better than one – If possible, pack your gear into more bags rather than less, so you can distribute the weight more evenly and reduce the strain on your back when lifting and carrying them.

We hope these tips will keep your camping trip enjoyable and pain-free. If you do have problems from a bad night’s sleep, get in touch with one of our chiropractors and they will be happy to discuss any problems you might have.