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Core Weakness and Strength

Many of us would have heard the terminology “Core” but what is it and why is it so important?

For a simplified idea of what your core is, simply take your body pluck off the arms and legs and you are left with your core.

Your pelvis, trunk, spine, head and neck.

Have a quick glance or think about these area’s of the body, you’ll quickly notice there’s more muscle than just your abdominals.

Now as we delve a little deeper into the muscular system there are lot’s of small controlling and stabilising muscular systems.

These systems regulate how much movement occurs at each joint within the spinal column as you tie up your shoe laces for example. If they move too much they often spasm, or shut down forcing the surrounding prime mover muscles to also spasm often causing you pain and discomfort.

All movement begins at the spine, no matter how small and insignificant.

When you pick up a pencil your body has to prepare itself for that load attaching itself at the spine level, in this case neck/shoulder. If theirs is insufficient stabilising strength then even a pencil can cause pain.

Now go back to thinking about all that muscle and muscles that make up your core, to condition this area proficiently is going to take more than sit-ups and planks. Your body can bend front to back and side to side and it can rotate but it can also brace, imagine how your trunk stiffens in preparation to impact, perhaps a blow to the stomach.

So the complexity of our body is vast and the exercise modalities to train this system can also be extremely varied.

This is why at AHC we go through a thorough full body assessment prior to prescribing exercises, even “core” exercises. We try to uncover what your body can and cannot do and assess what it needs to be able to do.