Protecting Yourself In A Heatwave

When we start entering June, July and August the heat of Summer is a welcome arrival after long, cold, wet winter months.  But with rising temperatures come heatwaves that can prove uncomfortable, and even dangerous, for many people.  So whether you’re enjoying a staycation in Britain or travelling abroad to seek out the sun, knowing […]

Back Care Starts at School

Growing up can be a challenge. The constant falling over, scraping knees, and bumping into things whilst you’re finding your feet. One pain we don’t normally associate with growing up is back pain. So it may surprise you to find out that around a quarter of today’s school children suffer from bad backs. If not identified and […]

Why Sitting Is Bad For You

In order to operate effectively our bodies are designed to keep moving.  The longer we sit and stay still the more agitated our body becomes. Current lifestyles, where many of us are tied to desks for long periods of time, demand that we are sedentary.  This puts increasing pressure on our bodies and stops it working […]

What is Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder & How We Can Help

Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder (SAD) is a form of depression that corresponds to seasonal patterns. Symptoms are usually more apparent during the winter months, so SAD is often known as Winter depression. December, January and February are the common months of severe depression. Symptoms include moodiness, lack of energy, sleep problems, changes in appetite or weight […]