Should I Get A Bicycle Fit?

Cycling is one sport where many people look to gain as much advantage as possible through their equipment.  Others get lost to the world of watts and aerodynamics, which aren’t necessarily the only answer. Any aerodynamic advantage only begins when travelling at a speed of around 16.5mph or higher. This also changes dependant on temperature, humidity and elevation. Whereas […]

Minimising Household Irritants to Prevent Eczema Flare Ups

Eczema, otherwise known as dermatitis, is the most common form of skin disease in the world that currently affects one in five children, and one in twelve adults. Eczema is a highly individual condition, meaning no two cases are alike. As many sufferers of eczema will tell you, the condition will ‘flare up’ based on […]

Protecting Yourself In A Heatwave

When we start entering June, July and August the heat of Summer is a welcome arrival after long, cold, wet winter months.  But with rising temperatures come heatwaves that can prove uncomfortable, and even dangerous, for many people.  So whether you’re enjoying a staycation in Britain or travelling abroad to seek out the sun, knowing […]

Preventing Repetitive Strain Injury

Repetitive strain injury (RSI) is a condition that stems from repeatedly overusing areas of your body doing repetitive activities such clicking, typing, writing and walking.  Those who suffer from it understand how much of a problem RSI can be, as it affects your ability to carry out everyday tasks with full mobility and no pain. […]