Acupuncture can increase fertility

acupuncture 250Fertility is an area in which acupuncture is becoming increasingly popular.  Research has found that acupuncture treatment can help to increase blood flow to the reproductive organs, balance hormones, regulate the menstrual cycle and help improve the lining of the uterus and quality of eggs.  Male infertility has also been indicated with positive effects on sperm count, morphology and mobility.

Trying to conceive can be a stressful time and patients find that acupuncture can help reduce anxiety as well as improve a person’s well-being.

IVF (In Vetro Fertilization) 10-15% of Britons seek specialist help when facing conception difficulties. Many turn to IVF which is starting to show a positive result when used in conjunction with acupuncture. A recent report from the Christian-Lauritzen-Institut in Ulm, Germany found that ‘acupuncture seems to be a useful tool for improving pregnancy rate after assisted reproductive techniques.’

Miscarriage is more common than people realise and often not spoken about.  The experience can be a devastating time for the patient.  Though genetic abnormalities in the fetus can be a cause, there are other reasons, for example:

  1. Fibroids, polyps, structural shape of uterus
  2. Immune disorders
  3. Hormonal imbalances
  4. Blood disorders
  5. Infections

After a miscarriage acupuncture can aid in the rebalance of hormones and provide emotional support.  It can also help if the patient is planning another pregnancy.

Male fertility is an important factor to consider when there are difficulties with conception.  A course of acupuncture can address issues of slow sperm motility and low count and other abnormalities in sperm increasing the likelihood of conception naturally or through IVF.

Treatment Strategy

There are of course no guarantees but experience has shown that regular treatment throughout pre-conception and first trimester significantly enhances the chances of live birth. Acupuncture requires a significant investment in terms of time, commitment and funds. Therefore a full detailed medical history is taken during your first consultation to provide you with information so you are fully aware of the treatment strategy.

Fertility is complex and treatment plans are based on evidence-based protocols which allow us to offer a range of different strategies.  These range from treatments on day of harvesting and transfer to a course of treatment leading up to IVF.

Patients also seek advice and treatment for induction and breach birth where acupuncture has also been seen to be beneficial. A detailed medical history allows our acupuncturist to create a personalised treatment plan for you.  This may also include other supportive treatments such as nutritional advice, reflexology or massage.  These recommendations would be discussed with you during your initial consultation.

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