Active Health Clinics Christmas Market

Is is too much for us the mention the C word in October?


You know, CHRISTMAS 🎄


The festive seasons feels like a million miles away, yet so, so close at the same time.


Which is why we have thrown our festive hats on in the clinic to come up with a plan for our Christmas event this year…


Boom 💥 our AHC Christmas Market was born, and we’re currently organising the entertainment, stalls, activities and most importantly the food 😋


Keeping with the festive spirit, we also wanted to take the opportunity to use this event to raise money and support for a good cause. We’ve chosen to work with the Alexander Devine charity. A local charity to Maidenhead who’s vision is to provide a children’s hospice service within Berkshire and surrounding counties that will give children and families a choice of care and support from a dedicated team.


We’d love you and your family to join us and the team at the clinic for our Christmas market on the 7th December. You’ll enjoy seasonal local food, winter pimm’s, festive shopping and activities for the children and big kids at heart!


Together we can help others enjoy a magical Christmas and enjoy ourselves at the same time.


Please RSVP to let us know if you and your family would like to join the celebration.


Send your response to


In the mean time, keep active and stay warm,
Active Health Clinics