Homeopathy – Kay Willis LCPH CMA

Kay Willis - Homeopath MaidenheadKay has always been interested in health from a holistic perspective and was particularly taken with the philosophy behind homeopathy. Following her own successful treatment of sinusitis, she watched her 2 year old daughter recover from asthma, her newborn daughter from colic, her mother from kidney infections and sister-in-law from hormonal issues. This inspired her to train as a homeopath.

Since qualifying at the London College of Practical Homeopathy she joined Elizabeth Courtis at the Marlow Homeopathic Clinic and set-up a clinic in High Wycombe. She has experience in treating a wide range of health problems with has a particular interest in family health, from fertility, pregnancy and birth, childhood illnesses, autistic spectrum disorders, coping through puberty and teen years, to menopause.

Kay thoroughly enjoys all aspects of her professional life, which include running homeopathic and lifestyle courses and seminars, continued study and community projects.

She is interested in health on every level and is always exploring ways to improve her knowledge and understanding in this field, which she then uses to support her practice. Her practice has been built through recommendation and she takes a genuine interest in each patient and their individual process from illness to health and well-being.

Kay treats in our Maidenhead clinic only.