5 Awesome Places to Ride – Cycling Bucket List

5 Awesome Places to Ride - My Cycling Bucket List

Everyone starts cycling for different reasons, mine was to spend time with my dad when I was younger. He travelled all week for work, but would go for a ride at the weekend. This led to racing, working in bike shops and here I am now as a bicycle fitter.

As much as people have a life bucket, cyclists normally have a cycling bucket list with challenging rides and beautiful views. Mine follow here, I would love to know yours!

1: The Haute Route – France http://www.hauteroute.org/
2: Paris-Roubaix Challenge – France http://www.parisroubaixchallenge.com/en/
3: Cape Epic – Africa http://www.cape-epic.com/
4: TransAlp Bike Race – Austria to Italy https://bike-transalp.de/en/
5: L’Etape Du Tour – France http://www.letapedutour.com/en/

Cycling can be the most physically demanding sport in the world – I like my goals to be worth the blood, sweat and tears! What are your cycling goals this year?

Chris Cockerton, Retül Fitter