Enhancing athletic performance through acupuncture

Preparing for an athletic competition isn’t limited to a training schedule. Acupuncture can be an additional, natural enhancement to your training and preparation. The use of acupuncture can be tailored to benefit endurance, flexibility and all about performance. Clare Agnew, Acupuncturist with Active Health Clinics, works with many athletes and says a personlised treatment programme […]

Cosmetic acupuncture, the new facelift?

Recently in the news and style magazines like Harper’s Bazaar, facial or ‘cosmetic’ acupuncture has emerged as the new ‘anti-aging’ tool for those out to look younger and don’t want to deal with fillers like Botox. But does cosmetic acupuncture really work? Cosmetic acupuncture can moisturise skin, improve muscle tone, lift sagging and dropping skin, […]