Give your immune system a boost

There is now evidence to suggest that after having acupuncture sessions, the body’s immune system could be strengthened.   Levels of white blood cells, Alpha, Beta and Gamma Globulins have all shown to be increased.  Alpha and Beta Globulins aid white blood cells in fighting off infections more effectively whilst Gamma Globulins aid in the production […]

Push back stress and the effects of aging

Research into stress has shown us that cause numerous problems within our body if we neglect it.  Allergies, changes in blood pressure, digestive imbalance, insomnia, fatigue, depression, anxiety and chronic pain can all be triggered by untreated stress but these things could be avoided if you deal with the stress head on.  Acupuncture helps to […]

What have singer Fergie, footballer Ryan Giggs and Jennifer Lopez got in common?

We all know that the rich and famous only indulge in the best of the best and it seems acupuncture can join that best list as many celebrities are turning to it for various different complaints.  The singer Fergie used acupuncture to cope with morning sickness, footballer Ryan Giggs uses acupuncture as part of his […]